Wednesday, June 08, 2011

May 29th

Sunday was a busy day!  We started the day by attending services at the International Church in Ethiopia.  That experience warrants a whole other blog post, so for now I will just post this picture of us with our friends, Brian and Liz.  We were so blessed to be able to get to know this precious couple and share a suite with them in our guest house.  By the end of our trip I was almost as sad to leave them as I was to leave Selah... almost.  

After church it was on to Island Breeze for lunch.

This is just a cool trick that Dawit did at lunch :).

Then came the best part of every day... visiting with our baby!

She had a play date with her daddy.

The Dixon's and the Pfeifers!  When this photo was taken, both of these precious girls were still orphans. As of yesterday when the Pfeifers passed court, they are Selah Evette Selam Dixon and Jordis Rain Adaye Pfeifer!  How cool is that?

Have I mentioned how much we love Yonas?!

We ended the day by attending a traditional Ethiopian dinner.  It was so much fun!  Duane wasn't crazy about the food, but the entertainment was amazing.  I think the dancers like to pick on the white people because they know we can't dance.  They pulled me up on stage twice and Duane once.  The saying among the families adopting and attending this dinner is "what happens in Addis, stays in Addis".


This guy had nothing on Duane :).

Even Yonas got to dance.  

These guys love to laugh. 

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