Wednesday, June 08, 2011

May 30th - not my favorite day

Monday was an emotional day to say the least.  We started the day by going to court.  The court room is on the 5th floor of the courthouse.  There are no stairs and Addis is already at a very high altitude.  This combined with the fact that it was 100 degrees in there and there was no air flowing and I was too anxious to eat much breakfast equaled a very faint me.  If you know me, you know that I faint.  I just do.  And that morning, I could feel all the symptoms coming on.  Thankfully, Yonas went to get me some water and Liz saved my life with her granola bar :).  When we finally got to enter the courtroom (it was more like a really messy office), we were sad to hear that our MOWA letter was not there and we did not pass court.  None of the 3 families we were with passed that day.  

This is us on our way to court:

This is us at lunch after we didn't pass:

Thankfully, our agency told us that our letter should be there on Wednesday and it was.  2 days isn't too long to wait.  After lunch we headed to the transition home for what would be our last visit with Selah since we were boarding a plane for Tanzania that night.  

Selah's bottle... this is her name in Amharic.

Already loving her daddy's shoulder :).

 Our last nap together :(.

Me, Liz, and our girls :).

Our travel group

Me forcing a smile.  It's almost time to go. 

One of the hardest things I've ever had to do.

So thankful for God's gift of friends. 

We had one last hoorah at the Zebra grill with the Pfeifers and the Browns.  This is Duane savoring the last bite of the best ice cream in the world!

Taking off in the plane was even harder than leaving the transition home.  We are praying we will be back to get her in a month or less!  This is it for our Ethiopia adventure.  Now on to Tanzania!!


Nancy McNeal said...

I hate the sad pics, and cried along with you...but she'll be HOME very soon!!! Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pictures of your newest love. :)

Jana said...

We were just there and went to court on June 2nd-still waiting on our letter :( Congrats on passing, and I hope she'll be home soon! Can I ask when your preliminary (birth parent) hearing was? We've heard they are writing the letters based on that date, so I wondered when yours was!

Jenny said...

Jana - I am not sure when the preliminary hearing was or if we really had one. Our daughter was abandoned, so there is no birthparent. I hope you get good news soon!