Friday, June 10, 2011


We had a great time visiting our friends, Carson and Holly, in Tanzania!  This is a finger of Lake Victoria that we crossed to go their town of Geita.

Our first lunch in Tanzania.  We hadn't seen Jude since he was a tiny baby!

Our first morning at Carson and Holly's house, Holly let me join her on her morning walk through their neighborhood.  I met some lovely ladies!

This is a church building close to their house.  The mountains were absolutely beautiful!

This was a tradition Tanzanian lunch that Elizabeth made us!  It was SOOO good!

We were at Carson and Holly's house when we got word that we had passed court!!!  

Who knew that Chinese food in Africa would be so good?

Getting ready to leave :(.  We'll see Carson and Holly again next fall.  We're so proud of what they are doing in Geita.  I wish that everyone could go visit them and see it for themselves. 

A squatty potty.  These are very popular in Tanzania. This one was at the airport.  You should've seen the airport......

Mt. Kilamanjaro from the plane window.

Headed back to Ethiopia, but we won't get to see our girl.  Gotta hop back on a plane to DC.

We're saying "Rome".  Our plane stopped in Rome for fuel, but we didn't even get to get off the plane.  

What an adventure we had!  Now..... time to prepare to bring a baby home!

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